Stinky Face’s New Style

As afraid as I was, I cut my little Stinky Face’s hair. He had such beautiful hair, but combined with his long, pretty eyelashes, he could’ve easily been mistaken for a girl. I was also getting a little tired of his older brother harassing him. […]

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My Favorite Part of the Day

Today was freezing cold. I think it only got up to around 35 degrees outside. I was really dreading having to leave the house, but I just HAD to get groceries. The kids did a little bit of schoolwork, I got myself ready, then got […]

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My Little Basketball Star

  My little stinky face started basketball. He absolutely loves it and has the best attitude. The basketball rim is set at 8 feet high. That’s SO high for these little guys. Stinky Face is getting closer and closer to it though. He made it […]

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