Or should I say welcome back? Sorry that I took my original blog down. I was having a bad day. But today is a new day and it’s time to move forward. This blog is exactly for what the title says, a blog for Christian parents. I think it’s important to write on issues that Christian parents face in todays world. There are so many negative things going on all around us. This blog is to focus on positive things and to push through those negative things that come our way. When we keep our eyes focused on the Lord, He will get us through any circumstance. He’s definitely brought me through many rough seasons. The Bible says there is a time for everything. Right now, through His grace, I am enjoying the many blessings that He’s given to me. But I know not to take this time for granted because it’s just a season and I know life won’t always be this easy. Not a day goes by without me thanking Him for our blessings. May this blog be a blessing to your life in some way!

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