Well, I have WAY too many other things that I try to accomplish on a daily basis, and potty training has recently taken a turn downhill. I’m not sure what happened, because he was doing so well. I think in order to keep myself from […]

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Potty Training ~ Day TWO

So it’s day two of potty training and we’ve made some MAJOR progress, thanks to our friends M&M’s. I give him one M&M for each time he pees in his potty and 5 for each time he goes #2. He has peed MANY, MANY times […]

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Potty Training ~ Day ONE

I’ve decided to start potty training Stinky Face. He is 25 months now and shows all of the signs of readiness. The problem is, he’s a male…therefore he’s stubborn! LOL Today we went through about 6 pairs of underwear, but I’m happy because we saved […]

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