My little Stinky Face has attended preschool since he first turned 3 years old. Lately though, God has been tugging at my heart, telling me that it is time to bring him home and start homeschooling him with my older child. Not long after I felt the Lord telling me this, my husband got a promotion, which means we will be selling our home and moving out of this school district. It’s as if He was preparing me for this part of our journey. Stinky Face normally goes to school Tuesday through Friday, but I am now keeping him home about one extra day each week, to do school here at home. I think it’s going to work out well. He’s so eager to learn. He wants to be homeschooled! My only problem is getting him to stop! He throws a fit when I say that it’s time to stop. He wants to continue on, trying to do things all by himself. But he needs my direction. Just looking at this picture, you can tell how focused and intentional he is. I love every moment of it!

This is the picture he was working so hard on. I think he’s doing great for a 3 1/2 year old!  :0)
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