Ah…life! Homeschool and co-op are in full swing. We’re at church three times a week, and now I’m writing a book! I’ve also been much more tired lately. So, there’s my update on my life. Much more to come. Just hope I can take more […]

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I will be the first to admit that I am very guilty of being a control freak. I won’t let anyone else do the laundry in our home (which I’m sure my husband doesn’t mind). It’s an extremely rare occasion that I will be a […]

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Obedience or Wandering, You Choose

I am reading through the Old Testament and today I began Deuteronomy. In the first chapter, Moses is reminding the Israelites that their initial journey from Horeb to Kadesh Barnea should have only taken 11 days. However, their refusal to believe the good report of […]

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Back in April when we put our home up for sale, God led me to one of my favorite chapters in the Bible, Psalm 91. I’ve read this chapter many times, but this time God spoke to my heart and told me to make it […]

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I just realized that I never shared the news with my readers who may not know me personally. About a month ago or so, I wrote about a decision that would change my life and other lives. If you haven’t read it, take a couple […]

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Weekend Review

Now that we are settled in our new home, I’d like to get back to reviewing a product with you each week. Most of the time these are products that I received for free for being a BzzAgent. If you don’t know about BzzAgent, you […]

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