If you homeschool and you keep running into non-homeschoolers who just love giving you unsolicited advice, then I have created a facebook group that is just for you! A year or so ago, I created Homeschool Families on facebook. My purpose for the group was to get encouragement from other people who are walking the same walk as I am. People who understand what homeschoolers go through on a daily basis. I was so tired of posting my frustrations on my normal facebook wall, just to get comments from non-homeschoolers that would say stuff like, “Maybe you need to send them back to public school”. Now, with Homeschool Families, if I’m having a terrible day, I can vent on there and I will find the encouragement that I need from others who have been there. They are there to push me through to the finish line. To tell me that these days are okay and actually quite common for many families. This group is also to share resources. It’s a great place to find free material, or items for sale that other homeschoolers might need. If you are interested in joining this group, it is open to ALL homeschoolers, whether you currently homeschool or have in the past. The majority of the current members are from Kentucky because that’s the state the group originated from. However, there are homeschool families from all over the United States. I can’t wait until the group expands over seas. To join, you must have a facebook account. Just click HERE and then ask permission to join and you will be added shortly. It is a closed group to help me keep out all of the unwanted advice from non-homeschooler. I hope to connect with you there soon!

Be blessed my friends!
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