Letters to My Baby ~ # 7

This is the last letter that I will be referring to you as “baby” because by tomorrow night the world will know if you are a boy or a girl. You are such an active little one! I feel you in there right now just bouncing all over the place. I love it! I got to see you on the ultrasound yesterday. I cried! I was amazed…overwhelmed with joy! You are perfect! You are healthy and your living space is set up just right, with the placenta high in the uterus. This was a specific prayer that I’ve been praying, so I rejoice in this answered prayer and trust the Lord that He has heard the rest of my prayers regarding your journey into our arms. 

Your daddy thought he felt you move for the first time yesterday. I know he did! He just second guessed it because it feels so light from the outside of my stomach. I’m so emotional these days. I tear up just thinking about you. I’m amazed that God is blessing us with a 3rd child. Now I can understand how people in the Bible were considered richly blessed by having children. 

I love you SO much…and your brothers too. God has been so good to me and your daddy. 

Oh yeah, I’m finally feeling better! I have been sick SO much during this pregnancy and the one week that I was feeling great, your brothers were very sick. So now I am completely enjoying this time of health! The doctor did check my blood yesterday though just to make sure I’m not anemic or that there isn’t something else going on. Well, until next time my sweet baby. Muah

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