I’ve never introduced the newest member of our family (even though he’s in one other picture below). This is Duke! We rescued him from a local humane society in September. He’s currently 6 months old. He is a German Shepherd, lab mix and weighs 29 pounds. He’s going to be a BIG boy! You’re probably thinking, “Awe, he’s so cute. I want a dog”. Truth is, most days I can’t stand him. He’s just added so much stress to my life. I understand that he’s just a puppy, but all puppy characteristics are in high gear right now. He chews on everything, pulls constantly when you walk him, sometimes (but thankfully not too often) pees in the house, he runs around so fast that no one can catch him, and so many more aggravating things! I guess I should pray more. Well, honestly, this is the first time it occurred to me to pray for the dog. I really hope all the hard work and training will pay off when he’s a little bit older. We want him to be a protector of our family, and he’s already proving that he will take care of us. When he thinks any of us are getting hurt, he goes crazy. If you have any good puppy training tips, be sure to leave me a comment. We are taking him to training, but that ends in two weeks and so far we haven’t really seen very good results. 

Be blessed my friends!

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