Stinky Face & His Cars

This boy LOVE his cars! Here he is with over 215 of his cars. These don’t include any off brand cars or Disney cars. To motivate him to eat new foods, behave well, and do great on his school work, I find cars on sale […]

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Letters To My Baby ~ #11

This is a 4D picture of you when I was 6 months pregnant. I’m so amazed at how far technology has come in the last 13 years. When I was pregnant with your biggest brother, I could barely even make out his profile images. Your […]

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Stinky Face ~ My Little Dare Angel

// This is my Stinky Face’s newest trick. Normally I would’ve freaked out and told him to not do that anymore, but he is wearing a helmet and he is a boy. I’m trying really hard to let him grow up a little bit and […]

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Letters To My Baby ~ #10

Wow! Not much longer and you will be considered full term. I cannot wait to meet you, even though I still feel so unprepared. We finally bought a couple boxes of diaper and some wipes. You also have some cute new clothes. My wonderful friends […]

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Why are we always working so hard to try and figure everything out on our own? Will we ever learn that this isn’t the way God intended it to be? Let me give you some examples: Bills ~ How will we pay them? There’s more […]

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I really wanted a cheeseburger for dinner, but we didn’t have any hamburger buns and I really dislike burgers on plain bread, so we got a little creative. This is a picture of our “burger dogs”. My husband seasoned the ground beef and rolled it […]

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