Letters To My Baby ~ #10

Wow! Not much longer and you will be considered full term. I cannot wait to meet you, even though I still feel so unprepared. We finally bought a couple boxes of diaper and some wipes. You also have some cute new clothes. My wonderful friends are hosting a baby shower for us next month. I’m so humbled to have friends like them.

I finally figured out how to get some sleep, although I feel so guilty about it. Although my doctor has approved and reassured me that it wouldn’t effect you, I still feel bad but it’s the only way I’m able to sleep. I have been taking Magnesium supplements, Tylenol, and Benedryl each night before going to sleep. This has helped me to go from waking up every half hour to an hour, to sleeping all through the night except for one trip to the bathroom and I haven’t had anymore leg cramps. I’ve also been sleeping in the recliner with a heating pad on my legs. It’s amazing, the difference I feel. I’m also making sure to stay real hydrated each day.

Your movements are stronger than ever. You’re going to be one tough boy! I see the doctor again in 2 days. Although I feel you moving around all the time, I still look forward to hearing your heart beating. You get hiccups a lot. Sometimes they’re so fast, that I wonder if it’s hiccups or something else; although I don’t know what else it could be.


If I take it easy, I don’t have many contractions. But the moment I start doing more, they really pick up and I find myself timing contractions and wondering if I’ll have to go back to the hospital. I still have complete peace. Everything is going to be great! You have a calling on your life; a mighty calling. God will use you to do great things. The first great thing you will do is change our lives. You will remind us again about the simple things in life, like a baby’s smile and that wonderful newborn smell. I love you so much! Counting down the days until I hold you in my arms.

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