We have been blessed to receive four prophesies from a man who visits our church about twice a year. His name is Ed Traut and he is with Prophetic Life. To learn more about his ministry, you can just click HERE. He has spoken some amazing things over our future and has said things about our past that are very specific to us. One of the things he has spoken over our lives is that there would be a third child in the home. When he first said this, my mind was so shut off to even the idea of having another child, even though I had originally always wanted four children. Our second son was an emergency c-section and I was so afraid of having to go through a similar experience, that we had decided we were done having children.

It was Prophet Traut’s word spoken over us that re-opened the door of thoughts about having another child. For the first time since our 2nd child’s birth, I began to see that I had been living in fear for almost 4 years. I had allowed Satan to use the c-section to scare me out of God’s will (and the desire of my own heart). I started praying to God, asking for forgiveness for allowing fear to control my life. I believe in the power of our words. The Bible says they can bring life or death. I believe that my words had brought death to the possibility of me having more children, so I prayed for a crop failure over those words. I also asked God that if it was His will for us to have more children, that He would not allow me to get pregnant if I would have to re-live a similar situation as my 2nd son’s birth. 

It took many, many months of trying to conceive and believing God that He had healed me of endometriosis. I found out on September 15th, 2012 that we were expecting our third child who had been prophesied over us. I trusted God during the entire pregnancy and even though I ended up having another c-section, I think Satan just had it out for our special child. But God got the complete victory and I know this baby has a high calling on his life, as do my other two!

I say all of this because last night I began to think, “Hmm, we put 100% of our faith in the word we received from this man, and we fought for it”. My pastor says that you have to fight for your prophecies and I believe that. Satan doesn’t want to see us victorious. It took a lot of prayer and time, but we have seen the fruit of that word. So, I thought, “There’s so much more that has been spoken over us, but we haven’t been fighting for it like we fought for our baby”. 

So today, I went back over our first prophecy. It is from July 18th, 2010 (almost 3 years ago). I re-read it to see what it is I’m actually supposed to be fighting for. Prophet Traut has never said too much about my future, but what he has said is so significant and it lines up completely with my giftings. So here’s my new focus: I am to:




So it’s time for me to get back on track! These 3 things are the whole reason I first began this blog, long before I even met Prophet Traut. So please pray for me to keep my focus and let me know if there is any way I can be praying for you! 

Be blessed my friends!

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