Recovering Facebook Addict

Anyone else feel like a recovering Facebook addict? Having a new baby in the house has not only taken me away from the computer more often, but it has also changed my perspective. I just don’t feel like posting many updates anymore. Maybe it’s because of what comes to mind when I read other posts.

Here are some examples:

Is she really that happy?

I know she’s not that happy, so why does she put up a front all the time?

Another vacation…seriously?

Who cares what you had for dinner. (I used to post that kind of stuff too, but I guess now I’m just jealous that I haven’t had many homemade dinners since the baby was born.)

Blah, blah, blah (sometimes I actually say this out loud when posts are really boring)

Must be nice to have so much free time!

Wish I had time to read this long post.

That’s great that you worked out again today. My workout included running up and down my steps a million times, doing laundry, cleaning up after everyone, nursing a baby, teaching children their schoolwork, keeping a baby entertained, and going for a morning walk on the days I’m not so sleep deprived from the baby. But, darn…I just don’t have time to post all of that every day. 

And, just like with facebook, I have to get off of the computer because the baby calls. I’m not really complaining. Just saying life has changed and I’ve had some major adjusting to do. On one hand I’m glad I’m not on facebook so much anymore, but on the other hand, I wish I had more time to stalk people and comment on their exciting lives!

Be blessed my friends!

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