Wake up, shower, get ready for the day. Breakfast, dishes, laundry…so much to do. Run out the door, school, business, rush, rush, rush. Facebook, twitter, e-mails, phone calls, texts. Grab a quick bite to eat, socialize with friends. Soccer, football, music lessons, homework. Go out for dinner, no time to cook a meal. Showers, put kids to bed, watch tv, fall into bed exhausted. Sunday morning, gotta go to church. Can’t miss out on seeing your friends. Have to make an effort to fit God in somewhere. Sunday is much more convenient than during the week.

God is never too busy to listen;
Don’t be too busy to talk to Him! 

Wake up people! God’s heart is broken. Where is He in your daily routine? When’s the last time you took out your Bible and really tried to study His Word? When is the last time you took 5 minutes out of your day and prayed for someone other than yourself? When is the last time you sat quietly and just asked what His will was for your life? Does He really want you to be so busy? So busy that there’s not much time for Him? Sure, your kids are excelling in their sports and lessons, but when is the last time you’ve sat your children down and talked about God? Do they see you worshiping at home? Do they know that you read the Bible every day? Slow down! Breathe in the life that he offers. Give your worries to Him. Give your life to Him! Unbreak His heart!

Be blessed my friends!

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