My Favorite Part of the Day

Today was freezing cold. I think it only got up to around 35 degrees outside. I was really dreading having to leave the house, but I just HAD to get groceries. The kids did a little bit of schoolwork, I got myself ready, then got Stinky Face ready, and finally gave the baby a bath and got him ready. It was going on noon and we hadn’t had anything to eat yet, so I decided that we would have lunch together. We went to one of my favorite restaurants, Raising Canes. They have really yummy chicken, fries, and Texas toast, and the best sauce to dip it in.

Sitting there in the restaurant with my 3 boys was absolutely my favorite part of the day. It was worth the effort to get them all ready and go out into the freezing cold. I still spent way too much money at the store, but now hopefully I won’t have to go out again for quite some time.

Be blessed my friends!

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