Baby Boy at Six Months


I can’t believe that you are already a half a year old.  You have brought such joy into our lives. You are mostly a happy baby. You usually only fuss if you are very tired or hungry.  You started crawling at just 5 1/2 months. You still do the army crawl though,  not yet crawling on all fours. You will get wherever you want to go by either crawling or rolling.  You love being down on the floor to explore. You usually take a nice, long nap in the afternoon. This has been such a blessing to me because it allows me to spend that time homeschooling your brothers. You currently weigh about 15.4 pounds.  You are showing more interest in eating more food. I was just feeding you a small jar or two of food each day, but I think I need to start giving you food with each bottle.  As always, I love you with all my heart and I’m thoroughly enjoying watching you grow up!

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