Each day I read a devotional story to my little Stinky Face and then there is an activity to do on the next page. Today’s story was about being prepared for when Jesus comes again. I have to admit that I was kind of shocked […]

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I’m now in the book of 1 Samuel and I just read about how Hannah was mistreated by her husband’s other wife, Peninnah. You see, Hannah was barren and in the Old Testament times, that was a disgrace. Peninnah who had sons and daughters, made […]

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Thanksgiving Day Crafts

My oldest son felt like he was too old to make a turkey out of his handprints, so instead he made a dog. He did use his hand though to outline the dog’s head. Here is what he said he is thankful for:  My family, […]

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Thanksgiving 2013

I love this picture that my oldest son took of me, him, and the baby. This was taken on Thanksgiving Day. We were all dressed up to go have dinner at Cracker Barrel. This has become our family tradition for Thanksgiving because our relatives don’t […]

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