Thanksgiving Day Crafts

My oldest son felt like he was too old to make a turkey out of his handprints, so instead he made a dog. He did use his hand though to outline the dog’s head. Here is what he said he is thankful for: 
My family, my friends, food on the table, a good house, the good people in te world pets the world’s beauty, music, power, that Jesus died for us, games, fun that dogs don’t die on Thanksgiving.

This is the turkey that I helped Stinky Face make. We first traced two circles. I used a cd case for the bigger circle and an actual cd for the smaller circle. Then we traced his hands to use as the feathers. My oldest son came up with the idea of adding the hat and I really liked it, so we cut that out and glued it on. It was a very simple, yet fun thing to do with the kids. Our neighbors came over and made their own turkeys too.

Be blessed my friends!

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