The Bump On My Baby’s Head

About a month after our little man was born, we thought he had a mosquito bite on the side of his head. The bump appeared to be liquid-filled, swollen, and red. We didn’t think much about it until a few weeks later when a bump […]

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Learning With Minecraft

  Do you have a child who loves playing Minecraft, but you want them to be playing on a safe and educational server? That’s right, I said educational! I couldn’t believe this site when I stumbled upon it today. My sons, ages 14 & 5 […]

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Blimey Cow

I’ve seen these kids before but forgot all about them. While searching for homeschool curriculum for next year, I stumbled upon them again. They are hilarious, former homeschoolers who produce a new video each Monday. Most of their videos give practical advice, but deliver the […]

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