1st Grade Curriculum

We went to a homeschool convention in April where I was able to find my children’s curriculum for the upcoming school year. I will share in a later post what I chose for my 9th grader because his curriculum was put together, piece by piece. Each subject is from a different company.  For my 1st grader though, we decided to go with A Beka Book. 

A Beka Book is a Christian based company that seems like it will challenge our son the way we feel he needs to be challenged. They teach cursive handwriting from the beginning and they learn phonics very early on as well. I love that the 1st grade kit has everything we need and then some, like science, health, and history. Here’s a list of everything I got in the child’s kit:  

*You can click on the numbers to see a picture and better description of each item.*

  • 94951 Fun with Pets
  • 94986 Tiptoes
  • 95001 Stepping Stones
  • 95036 Secrets and Surprises
  • 95052 Bridge Book
  • 95060 Kind and Brave
  • 95087 Aesop’s Fables
  • 95109 Strong and True
  • 94943 Primary Bible Reader
  • 94927 Handbook for Reading
  • 95125 Letters and Sounds 1
  • 95141 Letters and Sounds 1 Test Book
  • 95184 Language 1
  • 95206 Spelling and Poetry 1
  • 95230 Writing with Phonics 1 Cursive
  • 95249 Cursive Writing Tablet
  • 92185 Arithmetic 1
  • 92207 Arithmetic 1 Tests and Speed Drills
  • 34851 Community Helpers Activity Book
  • 95265 Discovering God’s World
  • 95281 Health, Safety, and Manners 1
  • 95311 My America and My World
  • 113867 Child Kit ABA DVD Insert Card (FREE)

I also ordered the following support materials to help me teach him to the best of my ability:

  • 96946 Homeschool Phonics, Reading, and Spelling 1 Curriculum
  • 95168 Letters and Sounds 1 Test Key
  • 95354 Basic Phonics Charts (8.5 X 11)
  • 96962 Homeschool Writing and Seatwork 1 Curriculum
  • 92231 Homeschool Arithmetic 1 Curriculum
  • 92215 Arithmetic 1 Tests and Speed Drills Key
  • 151459 Arithmetic Drill Cards Set A
  • 75434 Homeschool Arithmetic 1 Charts and Games (8.5 X 11)

I hope you will follow along on our 1st grade journey. We will start back to school in August.

Be blessed my friends!

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