Growing Monsters

Did you think the title of this post was about my kids? Well, not entirely! Today we started the process of growing giant watermelons and giant pumpkins. This was such an appropriate activity for each of my older boys because I’ve always called my oldest son my pumpkin and my middle son my melon. These were their nicknames when they were in my womb. So you can figure out from that which one is working on the pumpkins and which one is working on the melons.

My mother-in-law had bought us these neat kits about 2 years ago and they have sat up on a shelf since then. I’m trying to make a point to have more fun with my boys, so I finally got the kits out today. This is what they look like:

Here’s how easy it was to get the kit started:

1. Put each of the 3 soil pellets in a big bowl and pour warm water on top. As the pellets expand you loosen the soil and stir. Add more water if needed.

Not sure what this face was all about. Clearly he was having fun!

2. Divide the soil in half. Use the 1st half to fill each of the pots halfway.

Stinky Face (AKA Melon) doesn’t like to get his hands dirty so he used the spoons that came with the kit.
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3. Open the packets of giant seeds and place 2 seeds in each pot. (We had some extra and decided to put a few more in.)

This is my oldest son’s seeds. He only had 5 seeds, so he decided to see what would happen if he put a few watermelon seeds in with his pumpkin seeds. We shall see!

4. Cover the seeds with the remaining soil. We had more than enough soil, so we didn’t use it all.
He doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty!

Finished product…for now!

5. Place the pots in a sunny location and water them to keep the soil moist.

6. Once the plants have grown, transfer them to larger pots or directly into your outdoor garden.

Here’s my one, slight delema with this project. We live in a subdivision that is highly controlled by the “HOA police”. We aren’t allowed to have gardens. Stinks, I know! I guess I will have to transfer these to some ginormous flower pot because they can grow to be 100 pounds or more. Yikes! I will keep you updated on the progress so check back soon to see how they are growing.

Be blessed my friends!

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