Last night I had a dream; no, a nightmare. I was sitting upstairs on hardwood floors in this beautiful home. It felt like it was mine, but it’s not anything like the home I have. I was reading a book and taking notes. I looked up from my book and stared out of this huge, glass window that was directly in front of me. I noticed the beautiful clouds as they rolled past. They really caught my attention. I was lost in the beauty of the bright sun mixing in with white, puffy clouds, and the prettiest blue color I’ve ever seen. In an instant the beauty faded. The wind picked up quickly and I noticed a black funnel forming and coming straight towards me. I’ve never seen anything like this before. It was like a tornado, but it was the blackest black. It was like oil being poured from the sky and being swept into a funnel with the wind. I was horrified. I started screaming for my family, but no one answered. I dropped my book and threw my pen on the floor and took off running down the stairs. I found my teenage son and asked him where his brother and dad were. My husband had gone somewhere in the car and my five year old son was outside. What? Outside? I was in a pure panic. I threw open the door and saw him walking away from me as the dark funnel was still headed in our direction. He was just calmly walking down a lane that was overgrown with grass. There was a barn off in the distance. I was screaming his name at the top of my lungs. He couldn’t hear me. He just kept slowly walking away. I ran towards him, frantically screaming his name over and over. He finally heard me, noticed the fear in my voice, and started running towards me. I grabbed him, scooped him up and ran back inside. The wind slammed the door shut behind us. I looked behind me through the glass window in the door and saw the darkness going away from us and just like that, the funnel disappeared. The sky returned to the beautiful colors that I was first admiring from upstairs. And with that, I was wide awake.  

Be blessed my friends!

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