A couple of weeks ago my boys and I planted some monster watermelon and pumpkin seeds. We weren’t sure if they would grow or not because the seeds were bought about 2 years ago and have been sitting dormant since then. To see my original post, click HERE.

The boys have been taking very good care of their plants by giving them water every day, taking them outside for sunshine and bringing them back inside when there was a chance for bad weather. This is the result of their tender care:

In just 2 weeks, God took something that remained dormant for years and gave it new life! All it took was someone caring for it. 
This got me thinking about life in general. Have you felt like you’ve been in a rut? A funk? You just can’t escape? I pray that God will send you the right person to show you His tender loving care. Sometimes we need another person to just love on us; to remind us that God hasn’t forgotten us. Take comfort in knowing that it doesn’t matter how long you have been going in the wrong direction, He can change your life instantly! Let me know how I can pray for you today!
Be blessed my friends!

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