I want my husband to know that he is full of worth to our family. His worth is not determined by the money (or lack thereof) in our bank account. His worth is not defined by the hours he spends away from us each day. After all, I know he gives 110% at work just like he does here. So when doors of opportunity open, he will be ready to walk through them.

His value at home is extremely high. He works all day and then comes home and almost immediately takes over. He understands how exhausted I am from spending my day with our three boys. We both love our boys immensely, but they do have a way of wearing us out.

  • He is my encourager. Whatever task God places on my life and I choose to accept, my husband is there cheering me on and giving me creative ideas. When I just can’t figure out how to move forward, he’s there to help.
  • He’s a good listener. Sometimes he’s the only adult I have who will let me talk about my day. And I tell him everything! 
  • He’s my helper (and I am his). Occasionally he’ll ask me if I have any projects that need to be done. No matter what it is that I tell him I need his help with, he just does it. He knows I wouldn’t ask him to do something that wasn’t important to me. And most of the time it’s stuff that I just can’t do on my own, like making a garden area for our plants, or hanging pictures on the wall. Well, I could do that, but it wouldn’t be as straight as he makes it. If he’s running low on clothes, he usually just does laundry himself. He knows that if I haven’t gotten to the laundry, there’s a reason.
  • He’s a great dad! I know he doesn’t think so most of the time, but he is. He’s always thinking of things to do for our boys. He makes sure to take our oldest to the video game store to spend his money before coupons expire. He wants to take our older boys to see movies together; you know, the ones that I wouldn’t be interested in anyway. He helps our 6 year old with projects and he plays with our baby all of the time. Anytime he finds stuff at the store that we can afford for our boys that he knows they will love, he doesn’t hesitate to buy it for them.
My hubby with our youngest boys.
  • He has a heart for God! He may not get to read his Bible as much as he desires, but I know (and God knows) that he loves the Lord with all of his heart. He’s ready for church every single time he can make it there and he loves working with the youth and serving wherever he’s needed.
  • He’s a giver! Even when we barely had the money to make our tithes, he has never once suggested that we keep our tithe money to use for something else. He gives with a cheerful heart. If there is ever a need for anyone, you can count on him to give his time and energy to help.
  • He’s a lot of fun! Again, here’s another area that he may not agree with, but I want him to know how I feel. Because of him, we’ve had some of the greatest traditions. Stuff that most families don’t have. Like, the Grinch coming to our house each Christmas, our growing collection of snowflakes that we hang from the ceilings in the winter time, and the most awesome Halloween costumes!
    This is my favorite Halloween costume he made. He used a shopping cart to make a hospital bed for our oldest son and made it look like our younger son was popping up through his stomach.

    He loves to go hiking with us and exploring new places, playing games, taking walks, playing in the back yard, and sometimes doing things out in public to embarrass us. Deep down, I think he’s hilarious! 

A silly moment on a hay ride. Don’t worry, no one was actually harmed!
So, this post is to my hubby. I love you with all of my heart. Don’t let anything else define you except for who God says you are! You are valuable to Him and you are valuable to me and our boys, no matter what!

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