On our first day of homeschool, it went so well that we even had time to do a fun art project. (We got this kit from, but it’s so simple that you can do it yourself.) We made a Koi fish and seaweed print. It was so simple and fun that we plan on doing it again. This time for simplicity, we only used black paint. Next time we will experiment with other colors. Here are all the things you need:
Cardboard, foam piece with sticky backing, and manila paper are shown in this picture.
You will also need cotton balls, scissors, tempera paint, and a ball point pen

Step 1 ~ Figure out what you want to design. 

Step 2 ~ Draw your design on the impressionable foam with your ball point pen. If you have a younger child, it might help to cut out a template and help them trace around the picture and then add details. It’s very important that you press deeply into the foam. 

Step 3 ~ Cut out your design and place it on cardboard or chipboard. If your foam doesn’t have sticky backing, then you will need to glue it onto the cardboard.

Step 4 ~ Using a cotton ball, blot an even amount of tempera paint over your new printing plate that you just created. Immediately place a sheet of manila paper over it. Smooth the paper evenly and firmly to ensure good contact.

Step 5 ~ Gently remove the paper and allow your print to dry.|

Here’s what our printing plate looked like after we used it a couple of times.

And here’s the finished project!

Be blessed my friends!

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