See this cute face!

           Ever have days where you think, “They’re lucky they’re so cute.”?

                       Today has been one of those days. This poor thing has had constipation issues all day and of course it was my very first day homeschooling both of my other boys with no one to help me with him. It went worse than I had expected.  🙁   But in the midst of it all, I calmed down and just took the time out that this little guy needed to be loved on. I’ve held him so much today that my back and arms hurt. But I can’t get these moments back. I hate him feeling so miserable, but I love that he wants his mommy. He knows that I love him and will do whatever I can to comfort him. I love just holding him and rubbing my hand through his soft, messy hair. I love staring into his big, beautiful blue eyes; those eyes that look to me for the answers. I just hold him and whisper that it’s okay.

So my first full day of homeschool didn’t go as planned, but my boys all know that when they really need me, I’ll stop whatever I’m doing to be there for them. Sometimes we need to see the bigger picture. It’s not always about checking things off of our list. Trust God with all the details, do your best, and let the rest go. Sometimes you just have to remember to breathe. But God will get us through all the ups and downs in life. Here’s hoping for a more productive tomorrow. But if it’s another day spent holding my baby, that will be okay too.

Be blessed my friends! 

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