It’s so funny to me how often I hear the words, “I could never do that”. It’s usually mentioned when talking about being a stay at home mom or especially homeschooling my kids. I never thought I could do it either, but God doesn’t call the qualified. He calls those who will listen to Him and then He equips them with everything they need. This has been an 8 year journey for us and it’s never really been easy. But God never promised easy. He did promise that He would never leave or forsake me and that He’ll never give me more than I can bare. Some days I question Him on that. I wonder, “Do you really think I can handle all of this God?”. This week has been a perfect example. We have no extra money right now. We have a leak in our roof and our heat and air completely stopped working. Our 6 year old has been having major behavior issues and I can’t figure out exactly what’s going on with him. The baby wants no one but me. On one hand I really love that, but on the other hand, my back hurts and sometimes I just need a break. I could go on and on about other issues going on right now, but I’ll spare you the details. It’s just been rough!

I’ve tried to make things better. I’ve added more games to my 6 year old’s school work and I tried helping our teenager with his science project. The only thing that got me was a blister on my finger from the glue gun.

Here he is working on a glider:

Today was the worst day of all. It’s almost 4 in the evening and I haven’t really done any school with the 6 year old. I had such a stressful morning that I decided to just get us all ready and head to Chick-fil-a. I just had to get out of the house. I think the kids needed it too.

Here’s a couple of pictures I took of the youngest two in the playroom:

And so here I am, back at the house feeling so unaccomplished. I feel like I’m barely surviving. So when you think that you can’t do it, just remember, it’s not all rose petals and daisies. Some days I think that I can’t do it either. I’m sure no matter what your life consists of, you too have days where you think that you just can’t go on.

Oh look! While I was busy creating this post, something did get accomplished. My son finished his glider!

It’s things like this that helps me get through these tough days! It’s these little things that are so huge to me and bring me so much joy. Thank you to my oldest son for working hard on your own to accomplish what needs to be done. 

Be blessed my friends!

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