I can’t believe (once again) how long it’s been since I wrote anything on here. I usually have good excuses though. This time I am writing to share some exciting news for our family.

That’s right! We are expecting our 4th blessing! Arriving some time early in June of 2015. I’m so excited and of course hoping for a girl since we have got to experience boyhood 3 times already. Of course, I sure love my boys and wouldn’t ever even think of life without them. God knows what He’s doing so I trust that He’s giving me what He knows I can handle. This has been the easiest pregnancy so far! I have had some nausea and I’ve gagged a lot, but never actually thrown up. I don’t think I ever threw up with my last two either. God is awesome! I’m praying hard over this pregnancy. 

My parents are thousands of miles away from me now, so for their sake, I will make a better effort to post on here to keep them updated. I know they miss their grand babies and I sure miss them too! Thanks for stopping by!

Be blessed my friends! (I know I am.)

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