Our Grinch Tradition

Each year the Grinch comes to our house after Santa does. He makes a mess of things and plays tricks on the boys. Here are some highlights of his trip this year:

The snowflakes were already there (the Grinch isn’t that good). But he took the green streamers and made a mess with them. 
He also t-peed our tree with his green paper. And see that funky looking gift in front of the gate, next to the Santa gifts? Well, that was Mr. Grinch’s gift to our middle child. That Grinch sure does a very sloppy wrapping job. The gift was a Grinch matching game.


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And here’s something the Grinch does every year:

He uses our bathrooms! Our 6 year old remembered to look for this and he was so excited as he ran down the hall to check out the toilet. What a priceless, funny moment!
I guess he creates a self portrait of himself in the bathroom just in case we didn’t notice what he left in the toilet! Haha
He turned the boy’s milk green and made “Grinch Pudding”. He also put eyeballs on a lot of the food and drinks in our refrigerator; see the egg cartoons. I really hope he washed his hands before he messed with this stuff!

My favorite thing of all that the Grinch did this year was something I would’ve just loved as a child.

Somehow he managed to sneak an entire room full of balloons into G2’s room while he was sleeping. What a site that was! The balloons not only covered his entire floor, but were piling up on top of each other. There was also a small, blue tree with candy canes and ornaments in his room, but we aren’t sure if that was from the Grinch or Santa. This was a year that this little boy will remember for the rest of his life!
Be blessed my friends!

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