The Lion

This morning I had a very prophetic dream. I can barely remember any of the actual details of the dream, except that there was a lion with it’s mouth open and I heard these words, “The lion’s mouth is never shut“. When I woke up, those words just kept running through my head. The lion’s mouth is never shut. The lion’s mouth is never shut. Then suddenly I felt within my spirit, something telling me that God is the lion, and His mouth is never shut because He is always looking out for me. He is always fighting the enemy off on my behalf. The Lion’s mouth is never shut!

Wow! What a vision! I thought about this more and more. And I feel like God is just trying to remind us that no matter what things appear like, no matter how broken your life may seem, He is watching and waiting. His mouth is open wide and He is attacking the enemy without you even realizing it. He has saved you over and over. He has kept you from car wrecks and other bad situations that you didn’t even see coming. You have no idea what almost happened. He’s working in the background, when you think He has forgotten about you. So, as hard as it may seem, please try to focus on the unseen instead of what you see with your own eyes. Praise God for bringing you through all the storms that you’ve gone through. And praise Him for bringing you through the ones you knew nothing about!

Be blessed my friends!

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