This index card is one of many that I have began writing on and plan to read each day. Each card will have a Bible verse that references anger. In this particular one, I changed the word “man” to say woman just to make it more relevant to my life. 

I have struggled with outbursts of anger for a long time now, and the ones who get the brunt of my attacks are unfortunately my children. No, my children aren’t physically abused, but when I get upset, sometimes I just yell…and then almost immediately regret it. Although I’ve come such a long way, I know I still have a long journey ahead of me. I want so badly to be a peaceful parent. I have read many books on controlling anger. I’ve prayed and cried out to God on many occasions to take this anger from me. I’ve also researched the Bible about this issue and I’m more convicted than ever to get rid of this sin in my life. It’s not necessarily a sin to have anger, but it is a sin when you act on it.

It’s very hard for me to admit this, especially here, because I know that some of my close family and friends will be reading this. But, again, I write in hopes of helping others. If I struggle with something, then surely there are others in this world who are dealing with the same issues. I notice that I am more easily irritated when I’m tired, and lately I’ve been exhausted. Our 1 year old keeps me on my toes all day, and I’m also over half way through this pregnancy. I try to nap when I can, but even though it feels wonderful to lay down, it doesn’t seem to help me at all. I’m going to bed earlier now too. I just can’t stay awake like I used to.

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I guess things have also been a little bit worse because I barely leave the house. It’s just been too cold and yucky out. My husband takes our only reliable vehicle to work, so I’m pretty much stuck here anyway. But that’s okay. I want him to take a good vehicle so I don’t have to worry about him. So since I’m stuck here, I try to make the best of it. Sunshine helps with the energy level, so I try to keep all of the windows open during the day. I also play music and try to clean up the house as much as possible because a messy house is something that just gets under my skin and irritates me so badly. Even though I try, each day has been such a struggle. I will be writing Bible verses and encouragement on my Facebook page for anyone else who needs help in this area. You can find my Facebook page by clicking HERE. Say these verses out loud as often as you can. Try to memorize them. I know it will help, so that’s what I will be doing too. Until next time…

Be blessed my friends!

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