Life Without Fear


Once again I’m exploring what life would be like if I exchanged my fears for faith. How would I feel, and how could it change my life?
Why does fear have so much control over my life?

I’m not talking about rational fears, like those that would keep me from running out in front of a car, but rather, the fears of following God and trusting Him wherever He may lead me. I know that He wants to free me from the chains of fear that have kept me bound. I know that He doesn’t want me to always be stressing over what I should be doing with my life, Nor does He want me worrying about whether or not I’m good enough.

He wants me to throw perfection out the window and just trust Him! This life was meant to live!

Here are 10 ways my life would change if I could just let go of the fears:

    1. I would go outside more during the summer and enjoy being with my kids. They would also have more sports opportunities. You see, I’m severely allergic to bees, so I spend most of my summer stuck inside the house. I’m absolutely terrified of bees. And while yes, they technically could kill me, I know that I need to trust God completely with my life. He’s kept me safe from the bees for almost 24 years, why would He stop now?
    2. I would get on airplanes and take more trips to discover more of this beautiful earth God created.
    3. My kids would feel safer because they wouldn’t be constantly feeding off of my own fears.
    4. I would go to church more. Ouch! Yes, it’s true, the fear of my kids getting sick from being around a ton of other children, often keeps me away during the winter time. This is a hard fear to manage, since we are currently dealing with almost 3 weeks of sickness, and I’m pretty sure it came from the last Sunday we were all at church. I feel so much guilt over this one because I know it’s completely not what God would want.
    5. I would not allow my nerves to control me when we have a severe weather forecast.
    6. I would sleep better at night, instead of worrying about my children. Sometimes I just lay there and wonder if they are breathing okay since I haven’t heard any noise on the monitor. This has been a long term fear of mine that goes back to when my cousin’s baby died of SIDS, almost 18 years ago.
    7. I would sing again (in front of others).
    8. I might even start my own business again.
    9. I would let my house go a little bit more and not worry about what others would think. This would give me more precious time with my kids.
    10. I would finish that book I started writing years ago!
What about you? How would your life change if you could start letting your faith take over, instead of being controlled by fear? I would love to hear your thoughts!
Be blessed my friends!

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