We’ve spent at least our last three summers taking care of babies and barely getting out of the house. It has been a trying (but precious) time for our family. My husband wasn’t making as much money as he’s making now, so our summer fun has been extremely limited. Since my husband has a better job and our youngest is going from baby to toddler, I decided to not let another summer pass us by. I came up with a long list of ideas of things we would love to do together as a family. I created a summer bucket list and hung it on a huge poster board in our hallway so we have a daily reminder of all the fun things we want to try to do. Having this in front of us has really helped do away with the “What is there to do” questions where we’d always just end up eating dinner at a restaurant. Boring! I’m happy to say that many of these things have already been marked off! I love making all these memories with my kids and husband! 

The things with asterisks are activities that can be done when it’s raining. Yesterday we went to the Newport Aquarium and today we will be making Rice Krispie Treats. As you can see, I’ve included several big and little things. I can’t wait to update you at the end of summer (most likely into the fall) and share all of the cool things we’ve done together.  

Here are a few of the fun things we’ve done so far:

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 Be blessed my friends!

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