Chore Ideas

Here are actual chores that we use in our home. We include very simple things and some tough jobs. Each child picks 3 chores on a school day (and extras if needed for discipline).
I hope they help you come up with more ideas!

For the 3 year old:

Find garbage to throw away. Any garbage he finds is worthy of celebration.
Use a Lysol wipe to clean with. Again, anything he cleans is great!
Water the plants outside. I give him a water bottle use.
Pick up toys.
Clean the playroom. This is just mostly putting toys in the toy box.
Dust the TV Stand.
Spend 10 minutes with the bunny rabbit.
Take all dirty laundry to the laundry room.

For the 8 year old:

Clean little brother’s potty seat
Find 10 things to throw away
Spend 10 minutes with the bunny rabbit
Clean hallway bench
Clean table off and wipe clean
Sweep all hardwood floors
Play with baby brother for 20 minutes
Play with 3 year old brother for 20 minutes
Read younger brother a book
Sweep laundry room floor
Swiffer laundry rom floor

Clean 10 dirty spots on the walls
Clean downstairs bathroom cabinet
Lysol big toys
Clean inside of glass doors
Mate socks
Sweep basement stairs
Clean Mom and Dad’s bathroom baseboards
Clean bunny area
Take all dirty laundry to the laundry room
Vacuum the living room floor
Clean bottom of kitchen cabinets
Sweep Mom and Dad’s bathroom
Swiffer Mom and Dad’s bathroom
Clean highchair
Water plants outside
Clean downstairs toilet
Clean Mom and Dad’s toilet (he actually likes cleaning toilets)
Clean outside of dishwasher
Clean your bedroom and vacuum the floor
Clean shoe area
Empty all small trashcans and replace the bags
Clean your bathroom sink
Pick 1 dirty window to clean
Dust a set of blinds
Clean your bathroom door
Clean outside of the oven

For the 16 year old:

Mow the lawn
Sweep all wood floors
Swiffer all wood floors
Vacuum the playroom floor
Read a book to his younger brother
Clean bunny cage completely
Vacuum Living room floor
Dust TV Stand
Clean top kitchen cabinets
Clean downstairs bathroom sink
Vacuum stairs
Clean downstairs bathroom mirror
Vacuum upstairs hallway
Put all of the toys away
Mate socks 
Clean kitchen chairs
Clean living room baseboards
Take all garbage to the trash can in the garage
Fill water pitcher
Clean handrail and banister on the stairs
Vacuum living room couch and chair
Clean 1 section inside the refrigerator
Clean 10 dirty spots on the wall
Clean microwave inside and out
Clean your bedroom and vacuum the floor
Clean whiteboard
Clean outside of glass doors
Find 10 things to throw away
Clean kitchen counters
Swiffer your bathroom
Lysol door knobs and light switches
Pick one dirty window to clean
Clean old food from refrigerator
Clean Mom and Dad’s bathroom doors
Clean outside of refrigerator
Clean outside of front door
Clean your toilet inside and out
Sweep your bathroom
Dust a set of blinds



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