A Fun and Easy Science Experiment ~ Soap in the Microwave

Last summer we created a summer bucket list. You can read more about there HERE. We did a lot of things on our list, but there were several that we didn’t get around to for one reason or another. One of the things on the list was to do science experiments. You would think that would be one of the first things to get marked off of the list since we are a homeschooling family. Nope! Guess what? I feel like I stink at stuff like that. I really wish I had more interest in science stuff, because, well, I’m a mom of 4 boys. I feel like that should be a requirement for boy motherhood.

Knowing how much science experiments mean to my kids (especially the 8 year old), I found a way to make it happen without causing me much stress. The answer is: Soap in the microwave! It’s the easiest thing in the world and it’s SO neat to watch. All you need is Ivory bar soap and a microwave! We watched it until it stopped expanding and then we took it out. It usually took around a minute or so. Once you take it out, be sure to let it cool. Then your kids can have fun feeling it’s unique texture as it crumbles apart.

To add a little more excitement, drop some food coloring on it before putting it in the microwave.

If you want to see videos of the actual process in the microwave, check out my YouTube video HERE.

I also have a video HERE with our 3 year old’s reaction to it. He had a lot of fun and it was easy to clean up. I mean, after all, it’s just soap!


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Be blessed my friends!

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