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In my last post (click here to read), I talked about the “D” word, decluttering. I was a little embarrassed to share pictures of our home because it had gotten SO cluttered. Well, I cannot believe all that has been going on since I wrote that last post!

God is so good!

As a little back story, I’ve been wanting to move for about 3 years now. I absolutely love our home, but I’ve had too many issues with neighbors. Situations would leave me feeling extremely sad and anxious. I’ve had so many emotions flowing over the last few years. I’ve cried many tears and begged God to get me away from here. Have you ever heard that God moves suddenly? My former pastor used to say that a lot and I got a true taste of that this past week.

About a month ago, my husband and I finally made the decision that we would sell our home and try to move closer to his work. We worked so hard to try to get the house ready. We started by, you guessed it…decluttering! I started at the top of the house and worked my way down, going through every drawer, closet, and cabinet. I carried everything out to the garage to prepare for a yard sale. We ended up having 2 garage sales and still have so much stuff left. I’m going to have to just donate the rest because I don’t have time to deal with it anymore.

Our next step was cleaning like mad people. Again, we started from the top to bottom. It’s such a shame to admit how much garbage we had in our home. One week we had seventeen bags of garbage. How on earth did it get that bad?

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We were finally ready for the final preparations. We removed everything from the walls and hired a painter to do the painting. It’s incredible the difference a new color can make.

Here are some before and after pics. Nothing gets you more motivated to clean than trying to sell your home!

David Powell Media







David Powell Media







David Powell Media









As the paint was being done, we got a text from our realtor. Someone wanted to come look at our home. They had already driven by the outside and were very interested. Can you imagine our excitement? We scheduled the appointment for a few days later. While they were looking at our home, we decided to go check out a few for ourselves because we had only looked at one other home and it didn’t work for us. While we were out looking, our realtor got the message that we would have an offer on our home by that evening.

We got our full asking price!

We looked at 3 homes that evening. The first 2 were total duds, but the last one was special. I sort of knew it right away. I think what drew me in was the back yard. It was SO big. This home had all of my wants, like a flat driveway, a finished basement, a fenced in yard, a laundry room sink, and that huge back yard. But it went WAY beyond that. It’s only a couple of miles from my husband’s work. It has a pool and a hot tub. It has so much space both in and out of the house. There’s a built in desk in the kitchen, a gas fireplace in the living room, TWO pantries in the kitchen, and the laundry is on the main floor. I couldn’t believe someone else hadn’t already snatched this awesome home because the market in our area is so hot right now.

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We put in an offer the next day, and after a lot of negotiations, they accepted! Things are just happening at such a fast pace. I know that God has His hand in this and He has heard my prayers. I feel my cup overflowing and I’m so grateful.

And now you know why I haven’t been on here much. It’s rough trying to prepare a home to sell with 4 kids and a dog in the house all the time. But we did it!

Be blessed my friends!

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