The Ultimate Bug Themed Birthday Party

A few weeks ago we celebrated our youngest boy’s birthdays by having a bug themed birthday party. I probably spent a little too much time and money preparing for their big day, but it was worth every second and cent. Most of my ideas came from Pinterest, but a few were thought up on our own. Here are highlights from the day!

The Ultimate Bug Themed Birthday Party


Digging for bugs!



We bought a 50 pound bag of corn and dumped it into the baby pool. We buried a ton of fake insects and provided the kids with digging tools and collector buckets. Most of this stuff was bought at the Dollar Tree.






The kids had so much fun adding things to their goody bags!





Our children were very blessed to have many friends and family join them on this special day! They had a ton of fun playing in the corn, playing with bugs, eating special foods, and opening their gifts. It’s bitter sweet watching them grow up. I’ll never forget the day we celebrated with the ultimate bug themed birthday party!

Be blessed my friends!












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