Do What You Were Called To Do

Have you missed me? Did you notice that I haven’t written in awhile? Want to know why? Because Satan planted some horrible seeds in my mind via Google AdSense. Several months ago, I applied to place ads on my blog and was basically told by Google that my blog isn’t good enough. I actually cried over that. And then their email of rejection just played over and over in my mind until I believed what their words said.

Even though I love writing and feel like it’s one of the gifts God has given me, I walked away from it. I thought I was completely done. I tried filling that gap in my life with other things. I even started working for a direct sales company again. There was this other voice inside my head that kept telling me that I need to be helping my family financially. You know what I’ve learned over the past few months? That voice is not God. It is the voice of fear and panic during the times my husband’s paycheck isn’t the greatest. He works on commission, so it can fluctuate a lot!

I really enjoy my direct sales business…to an extent. I love what I get out of it. I get some extra money. I get to talk to other adults more often. I get a greater sense of purpose in my life. But you know what I don’t get? I don’t get that extra time with my kids. It has drawn me away from them some and I don’t like that. The biggest problem though, is that I don’t have too many opportunities to encourage others. Sure, I talk to more people, and believe me, I have witnessed to some of them, but writing is my grand stage. I have so much more encouragement to give to people. And the way the world is, they need the extra encouragement.

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So, once again, I’m back! I’m going to recommit to what I love doing. No matter who doesn’t like it. I hope that for the one person who doesn’t like it, there are 10 more that find encouragement, hope, and humor through the things that I write. And as I pursue what God has placed on my heart to do, I pray that you will do the same. What’s that 1 thing that has been on your heart, but you’re too afraid or can’t get the resources? Take a leap of faith today and go after it. I promise you, this life if short. If you don’t make up your mind to start today, no matter how small the steps you take, you may never get the chance again. 

Be blessed my friends!

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