20 Facts about Me!


As an effort to blog more frequently, I’m taking part of a 31 day blogging challenge. The first challenge was an introduction, which I did the other day. Today’s challenge is to list 20 facts about myself. I hope you’ll learn something new about me and won’t be bored to tears. Here goes!
    1. I’m a firm believer and follower of Jesus Christ. Hopefully you’ve already gathered that much about me.  🙂
    2. I always wanted 4 children, and God blessed me with that exact number.
    3. I’ve always wanted to adopt. So, maybe some day He’ll make a way for that to happen too and I will end up with 5 children. Right now, that’s a thought that’s buried deep inside my brain.
    4. I’ve had multiple surgeries for endometriosis and reoccurring cysts. Those babies are all such miracles to me.
    5. Tacos are my favorite food, especially from our local taco truck.
    6. I have trouble focusing on one thing for a long period of time. Writing posts for this blog is extremely difficult for me because my mind wanders way too much.
    7. I was in the Miss Ohio Pageant when I was a teenager.
    8. I LOVE to sing! I started singing as a little girl. I received my first standing ovation at my first high school concert singing a song called, “Daddy’s Hands”. I can’t wait to move and hopefully find a church that will allow me to be on their praise and worship team.
    9. I have suffered with anxiety and depression. I’m currently doing okay with that unless I’m driving on a busy highway, especially at night, or if I’m in a crowded place. I’m trusting God for complete deliverance.
    10. Chocolate milk has been my favorite drink since I was a very small child, and it still is!
    11. I’m short! I’m only 5’2″. Every single time I go to the grocery store, I have to ask someone to help me reach the stuff that’s on the top shelves. Haha!
    12. I first went to college to be a teacher, but then changed my degree so it would be paid for by the company that I was working for. I changed it to Business with a focus on management.
    13. I dropped out of college my senior year. I have no regrets!
    14. I met my husband in church.
    15. My favorite TV show is “This is Us”. I absolutely love that show more than anything I’ve ever watched.
    16. This is my 11th year as a homeschooling mom. I’m so blessed to be my kid’s main teacher.
    17. I cry easily. Way too easily! I wish I could change this characteristic, but I just can’t. I have a very sensitive spirit. I’ve been told that’s a good thing, but I can’t stand it most of the time.
    18. I pray every single day! And when I tell someone I’ll be praying for them, I mean it.
    19. I almost died on my 13th birthday from a wasp sting.
    20. I don’t enjoy cooking. What’s wrong with me? I thought all women loved to cook

I hope you’ve enjoyed this. Let me know a little more about you in the comments.

Be blessed my friend!

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  1. Dave Sturgill

    October 18, 2017 at 11:01 pm

    20 things about me I love my sister number 1 I love my sister number 2 I love my sister number 3 I was there the day that she received the standing ovation and I cried I have that sensitive Spirit to I’m not really that concerned about it I just get tired of wiping the tears it is a good thing number for I love my sister number five I love my sister number 6 I miss my sister number 7 I miss listening to my sister sing number 8 I love my sister number 9 I love my sister number two I poured syrup on my sister to make her take a shower when we was growing up number 11 laugh laugh laugh I love my sister number 12 no one knows this she is very allergic to bees and I have for the past 20 years killed bees with my hands in anger because it about killed my sister pound number 21 I don’t know how to align nothing up on the computer and I do not have a genius husband LOL I love my sister.

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