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We’re finally getting settled into our new home. It feels great! I love it here. God has blessed us in such a huge way. I honestly feel so undeserving. I’m currently sitting upstairs all alone in my office. It’s SO nice to have my own space to write. In our old home, the desk was in our bedroom, which was never peaceful! I kept up with the bills while running a business and doing homeschool tasks, all in the same room that I would relax, read, and sleep in.

Even though things are settling down at home, there’s been a stirring in my heart that can’t be ignored. It’s a feeling that something is missing in my life, a feeling that I should be doing more. I’ve prayed about it and reached out to others for advice. All I keep getting during my chats with God is, “Just write!” Just write! I can seriously hear his soft, gentle whisper in my ear. He’s been telling me this for years actually, but I always have an excuse. One of my biggest excuses is that I don’t feel good enough. Who wants to hear what I have to say? But again He tells me, “Just write!” I’m not good at finding good pictures to go with my stories. “Just write!” I’m not the best with grammar. “Just write!” The computer hates me! “Just write!”

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Just do what I’ve asked you to do, and I will take care of the rest. Do you ever hear God telling you these words? If you want to be blessed, you must do your part!

Excuse after excuse until God just put it out there for me. He opened my eyes to this broken world and has shown me the reason for blogging. If I can encourage just one person, it was worth it. If I can lead just one soul to Christ, it was worth it. He’s shown me that ALL things are possible with His help. It’s not ME who is writing, but His Spirit working in and through me. He will be my guide for every single post that I create.

So, are you ready to be encouraged? Stick with me on this adventure and you won’t regret it! Here’s one of my favorite, encouraging posts from the past that you can check out for now. Click HERE to read.

Be blessed my friends!

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