Searching for More

My soul has been searching for more for quite some time. I got into a pattern that I think a lot of Christians get into, especially in America. I got comfortable! Does this sound familiar with your church experience?

  • Walk in.
  • Greeted by smiling faces that hand you a card that may tell you a little more about today’s agenda or upcoming events.
  • Find a seat.
  • Countdown to worship begins on the big screen.
  • Everyone stands in unison as the music begins.
  • 3 songs are sang. Usually one fast and two slow.
  • A few may raise their hands to praise God during the music.
  • Everyone is seated.
  • Some churches take communion together.
  • Preacher preaches a predetermined message, never deviating off track because there is a schedule to stick to. Never allowing the Holy Spirit to take over.
  • Preacher says a prayer and then has everyone bow their head so that if there’s anyone there who would like to give their lives to the Lord, now’s the time!
  • Hand clap for those who gave their lives to Christ.
  • A repeat song is played while money is collected.
  • Prayer is said.
  • See you next week.
Does anyone else see something wrong with this picture? 

This whole process has me SO frustrated. And I know it’s the Holy Spirit within me. I refuse to continue settling for a robotic Sunday where the leaders are more concerned with sticking to their agenda, than truly reaching out to the broken, lonely, and hurting people who need Jesus in their lives. They care more about how many give their lives to Christ during each service (which I do think is extremely important), than helping those people grow in Christ everyday thereafter. A positive message is given to the congregation each week, focusing on the general crowd. God may be stirring that preachers heart to reach out to a person or two, but he can’t dare get off schedule because there’s another service afterwards.

I’m ready for a church that is on fire for God!

I want a church where God is the leader! I don’t care who greets me on Sunday morning. I don’t care what kind of information they hand me. I don’t want to know what to expect every single time, because when God is truly in control, He brings surprises. He brings healing, miracles, and wonders! He brings power and strength! I don’t want to take communion out of habit. I want it to be truly meaningful when it’s taken. I’m tired of rituals and religion! I need Jesus!!! I want to worship Him with my whole heart and not feel like I’m the only one in the building giving Him the praise that He deserves.

If you’re comfortable right where you are and think there is nothing wrong with Sunday mornings looking like the list above, then I beg you to spend more time alone with God, asking Him if you are truly where He wants you. Ask Him to search your heart and open your eyes. I know that Satan has a way of subtly taking over our lives. He hides the truth from you. He doesn’t want you to see how much more God has in store for you. Talk to Jesus. Have a real relationship with Him. He’s your father. He wants the best for you. If only you could see it.

Who’s with me?

Stand up Christians! You are not a robot! You shouldn’t be going to church every Sunday just to make yourself feel like a better person. We are designed to give God our praise. Think about all that He’s brought you through. Stop sitting there silently. Get up out of your seat and go be a living testimony to those who are still living in this sinful world.


Be blessed my friends!

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