Choose to be Positive on Social Media

Today I have been thinking about how life can be portrayed on social media. If you take a look at my Facebook, you probably think I deserve a mother-of-the-year award.

There are all sorts of videos and pictures of our kids enjoying life. We often write about the funny things that they say or do. We highlight the amazing moments of life, when we’re happy and feeling loved.

Today I posted that my little guy said he “Got a little bit on his shirt.”

But I want you to know that this is how it is for almost everyone. You’re not going to see me post a video of me yelling at the kids for what seems like the thousandth time in a day. It gets SO loud at my house, even when only the 2 youngest are with me. I try so hard to be a gentle parent, but there are many times when I just have to raise my voice, or I won’t be heard.

I also don’t post every little messy detail of my life, and believe me, there are plenty.

I try to focus on the positive as much as possible. When I see my Facebook memories years down the road, I want to look back and smile and laugh. Occasionally, I’ll ask for prayers when there’s something more serious going on. You may know about my recent issues with high blood pressure by scrolling down my Facebook page, but you wouldn’t know about the knots in my wrists that cause pain, colitis acting up every few days, leg pain, and some other minor issues. But they’re there, and they cause me a lot of grief.


You wouldn’t know about the sleepless nights I have because I can’t get a loved one off of my mind. So many of my family and friends are going through extremely difficult seasons. I often take on the burden that shouldn’t be mine to carry.

So, when you see all the posts of people who just seem so happy and like they have it all together, just know that while they very well might be happy, sometimes that happiness is a deliberate choice.

Sometimes their world could be crashing down all around them, but they choose to focus on the positive things. Or maybe they are going through a season where life truly is wonderful. It really can happen. Don’t be jealous of someone else’s social media and also don’t judge. Because you’re only seeing a very small window of their world. Life isn’t perfect and neither am I, but I will continue to try to be as positive as I can and continue sharing great memories with my family and friends. I hope that whoever is reading this can also focus on the good that the Lord has blessed you with.

Be blessed my friends!

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