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From the day after Christmas, until about mid October, we’re a pretty boring family. But, from Halloween to Christmas, we have some pretty awesome family traditions. One of our biggest winter traditions is the way we decorate our ceiling with hundreds of snowflakes. We began that tradition 10 years ago with just a few snowflakes.

This year we will reach 1,000 snowflakes! If you missed that post, you can read all about it here.

It’s truly magical!

Another wonderful tradition began a few years back. I was looking for a Christmas countdown that would be more than the kids getting a piece of candy. I was searching for something educational and was so happy to discover the book advent. There are different ways to do it, but here’s how we do it in our home.

You will need 24 books (if you begin on December 1st), tape, wrapping paper, and a Sharpie marker.

If you want to start this tradition this year, you can find really inexpensive books at Half-Priced Books, Craigslist, and local Facebook selling groups. My favorite groups to buy from are local mom groups. I feel a little more secure buying from ladies that I form some sort of relationship with. The first year we started doing this, I actually borrowed several books from the library. Just make sure they won’t be due back until after Christmas!

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Some people like to do books that their kids are currently into. For me, I like to do winter/Christmas books. I think it adds to the excitement of the countdown. It makes me think about Christmas more. Here are a few of the books that are in my selection this year.

I wrapped Narnia separately, along with a couple other chapter books, just for my 10 year old.

Randomly wrap all of the books, and then write the numbers 1-24 on each of them with the Sharpie.

I had an extra book this year, so we’re starting our countdown a day early!

We are very blessed to have 2 Christmas trees in our home. I’ve dedicated this small tree in the playroom as our Book Advent Tree. It makes it super nice and easy to find the books. When we only had one tree, the books would get all mixed in with the gifts. It was sort of fun for the kids to dig for the books, but I always worried that they would accidentally rip open a present.

We usually start on December first, and open one book each day. The kids love this countdown so much, that they run straight to the books, searching for the book of the day. I love that it forces me to read with them. I love reading to my kids, but let’s face it, sometimes life just gets in the way.

My 10 year old is a major LEGO lover, so we still buy him the LEGO advent calendar each year. If you haven’t seen the LEGO advent calendar, I highly recommend it. They have 3 different ones that I’m aware of. My 5 year old has also enjoyed the Minion Movie Advent Countdown. This one doesn’t come out with new pieces each year like the LEGO ones, so it was a great one-time purchase. I’ve included links to all of these at the bottom of my post. These are my affiliate links, so if you choose to click through and purchase, I will earn a small commission at no extra costs to you. (Thank you!)

I hoped you’ve enjoyed my posts on our holiday traditions!

We have one more very exciting tradition that happens on Christmas day. It’s very unique and if you don’t know about it yet, you’re in for a real treat!

Stay tuned!


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Be blessed my friends!

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