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One of the new things I’ve been dreaming about for my younger boys, is a light table.

I first got the idea when we went to our main library downtown. It’s huge! They have all sorts of amazing toys. We could spend hours there. But, one of my boy’s favorite toys seemed to be the light table. They were just drawn to the translucent magnetic toys, that lit up in brilliant colors. So, for months now, I’ve been pinning all kinds of awesome activities on Pinterest. You can check out my light table board here.

I’ve been trying to find one on sale, because they are all so expensive, but no such luck. Finally, one day, I got this bright idea for my husband to make one! And then, of course, I went back to Pinterest to find the perfect DIY project for him. I was so excited to find one!

Here is where I found all of the directions for the light table. This lady’s instructions worked great. And the best part is, the little table we bought for our boys last year, was a perfect fit! It’s not an IKEA table, but it was very similar and the directions still worked just fine. Here’s our table. It’s a small, but beautiful table. It’s held up great over the past year, even with our rough little guy.


We bought the color-changing LED lights, and I’m so glad we did. The kids love experimenting with all the different colors. This is the exact light kit that we bought:

So here’s how it turned out!

This is one of the lighter settings that we first experimented with. Those are some blue gems that we had picked up at the Dollar Tree.
Here are some fun pictures of them experimenting with different colors and objects.

And while I knew that our 10 year old also enjoyed the light table at our local library, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that he might be the one who enjoys it the most! These are pictures of him using the blue gems to spell LEGO (of course)!

In the last picture, we started experimenting with florescent straws. Subscribe to my e-mail list if you don’t want to miss any of the light table updates. There will certainly be more posts, sharing all the fun that we have with it. If you are viewing my blog with your cell phone, you can find sign up at the bottom of this post, after the comments.

The boys all love their light table, and I’m super thankful for a handy husband, who loves completing projects for me. I’m one blessed lady!

Be blessed my friends!

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