If you’re looking for an awesome book for preschool age boys, I’ve found the perfect one!

I have four boys of my own, and I try to make books a big part of their lives. Some may disagree, but I believe that God made boys and girls very different. Boys are just naturally interested in things like trucks, motorcycles, mud, and creepy animals. I’m not saying that all boys are like this, or that girls can’t be interested in these things (because I once was a huge tomboy), but just in general, this is what I notice.

Allow me to introduce you to “ABC’s for Boys” by Michael Kracht.

ABC's for Boys book

This lovely book has one alphabet letter per page, with a beautiful, hand-drawn picture that begins with that sound. One thing that I really love about it, is that it is focused on things that my boys love.

Here’s my 3 year old looking at the first page. The letter A of course, is for airplane. His shoulder is covering up the actual word “Airplane”.

A for Airplane
As you can see from this picture, my boys are not lacking in the book department.

Better Homes and Garden 12 cube bookshelf

Even with all these books, we’ve had the ABC’s for Boys book for about a month, and that’s the one they choose to keep out. They continue to go back to it almost every day. I think they love the simplicity of it. They already know what most things are by looking at the pictures, but some pages are challenging for them, like X for xylophone.

Here’s a picture of my little guy being so sweet. He’s kissing the elephant. He loves to flip through the book and kiss the animals.

Letter D for Dog and E for Elephant

I caught the 5 year old looking at it without any prompting! He’s a really bright boy, who is beginning to read short stories all by himself, but that doesn’t stop him from appreciating simpler books like this one.

If you have a little boy in your life who would love this book, you can click here or on one of the first few pictures to purchase it. This is my affiliate link. I was given a free copy of this book, but my boys love it so much, that I wanted to share it with everyone else.

Be blessed my friends!

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