13 Ways to Help You Find Your Way Back to God

Does your life seem to be flashing before your eyes? You spend each day doing the same things day in and day out, as if you’re on a hamster wheel that you can’t get off of.

You do so much that you throw yourself in bed each night, feeling guilty that you didn’t even open your Bible. Perhaps you went the entire day without murmuring a prayer. Yet, you somehow managed to spend a couple hours on Facebook. You also caught that episode of your favorite show.

Do you sometimes wonder why you can’t hear from Him the way others do? I can tell you why! It’s because you have slowly allowed everything else in your life to become second to Him. To know how important God really is to you, just look at where you are spending most of your time.

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Are you sick and tired of everything else having priority over your relationship with God? I’ve been there too! So I want to share with you 13 ways to help you find your way back to God.

Man holding Bible. 13 ways to help you find your way back to God.
  1. Read your Bible!
    This may seem so obvious. But when was the last time you actually picked up your Bible and read it for at least 10 minutes? There is so much that God wants to reveal to you, but you’re not even doing the most basic things anymore. When life is chaotic, sometimes that means that it’s time to get back to the simple things.
  2. Download the Bible App
    Once you have it downloaded, make it the first app you will see on your phone. Or, better yet, if you have a definite time sucker on your phone (Facebook), replace that App’s space with the Bible App.
  3. Start a plan on your Bible App
    One of my favorite things to do in the Bible App, is to pick different plans to follow. I love that you can search for plans that can help with your current situation. It also gives you popular topics to choose from. Occasionally I will invite my friends to read through the plans with me. It’s like having a Bible study through your phone.
  4. Get rid of the distractions!
    Determine which ways you are spending your time that would be better spent with God and then pray about how to break those bad habits. Are you addicted to a game on your phone? How much time do you spend scrolling on Facebook? Even good things like talking on the phone and encouraging others, can become a distraction and take away your precious time with the Lord. Make it a goal to at least talk to God each day before you talk to anyone else.
  5. Set a timer to go off during the best time of day for you to spend time with God.
    If you set aside time for Him at the same time each day, it’s more likely to become a habit. Nighttime, once my kids are in bed is usually the best time for me. So, if their bedtime is 9:30, I’ll set a reminder for myself at 10:00.
  6. Attend church!
    This may be a given for most people, but I feel like someone needs to see this. Romans 10:17 says, “So then faith comes by hearing, and by hearing the word of God.” This is one of the best ways to build your faith. I know that there have been a lot of people who have been hurt within the church. But I also know from experience that you have to push past those difficult times that you’ve been through to allow God to take you to a new level. Satan’s plan is disunity and isolation. Don’t let Satan have that victory in your life. You can also help others by sharing your testimony. That can be such a scary thing, but there is freedom in not staying silent any longer.
  7. Ask God for help.
    He knows your heart, and He knows the quickest way back to making Him your priority. Jesus promised in John 14:13 that, “Whatever you ask in my name, this I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.”
  8. Get a devotional to read.
    I personally love devotionals that have the month and day on each page. Most of the time that one page that I read is filled with stuff that just happens to apply to my life. It’s one way that God continues to amaze me. Click here to see the devotional that I’m currently reading and loving.
  9. Pray!
    I love to pray, but I haven’t always enjoyed it. Your prayers don’t have to be long and drawn out. It’s just a simple conversation with God. He loves to hear from you. One thing that has helped me is to have a prayer journal. Each day I write out my prayer requests and I date it. I also write out some things that God has blessed me with. Then I can go back and look through my journal to see all of the ways that He has answered my prayers. He is such a good Father!
  10. Praise Him
    God should never be treated like a genie who grants wishes. Yes, He is your Father who loves you and wants to give you the world, but we were designed to give Him the utmost praise. No matter what your life looks like at the moment, if you would just begin to thank God for the one or two things that you know are gifts from Him, things will start to change. As you begin to praise Him more and more, your focus will start to shift off of yourself and your problems, and you will start seeing things through His eyes.
  11. Listen to Praise and Worship Music
    Whenever life seems very chaotic or I’m just not in a good mood, there’s nothing that can lift me up quicker than putting on praise and worship music. My favorite station is Air1. If you don’t have their channel where you live, you can listen online. Here’s the link to their website.
  12. Spend time alone.
    I know how impossible this can seem sometimes. I’m a busy homeschooling mom. My kids are always up in my business. But I find that I’m a much better mom to them and I feel closer to God when I can slip away to my room for at least a half an hour each day. Sometimes it’s good to just sit in the silence and ask God to speak to you. How can you ever hear from Him if you can’t drown out the noise long enough to listen to what He has to say?
  13. Open your eyes!
    Spend time seeking out marvelous beauty made by our Creator. When you’re always running at a fast pace, you miss the beautiful pieces of God’s creation that are right in front of your eyes. When is the last time you just stared up at the clouds or the night sky? Have you stopped to hear the sound of the birds and other nature that’s right out your back door? When you finally take the time to truly experience the wonders of this world, it will make you feel closer to the Lord than you were before.
As you strive to draw closer to the Lord, remember that He is right there with you. He has always been with you.

Deuteronomy 31:6 tells us that God will never leave us nor forsake us. Even when you can’t feel His presence, He’s there. He’s never left you. It’s you who has gone astray!

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Like wandering sheep, we all have taken the wrong path at times. Satan has sneaky ways of pulling us away from the Lord. Often it is not in obvious ways, but in slow, discreet steps so that we won’t catch on to his evil plans. But God is always waiting with His arms stretched wide, to receive us back into His arms.

If you enjoyed reading this but you’re still looking for more ways to draw near to the Lord, check out one of my popular posts about getting rid of your stuff to draw closer to God.

Be blessed my friends!

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