Turing Tumble Review

When I had the opportunity to review Turing Tumble for Timberdoodle, I was SO excited. Our family has been leaning towards more of a child-led approach when it comes to homeschooling. Child-led learning takes a lot of pressure off of the child and allows them to chase after their passions. When following this way of homeschooling, parents often wonder how to teach all the different subjects. They are especially concerned about math. Turing Tumble is a solution to not only math skills, but logic, computer science, coding, engineering, reading, and more!

Turing Tumble Box

So what exactly is Turing Tumble?

If your child loves Plinko, LEGO, comic books, and marbles, then this game will knock their socks off! Turing Tumble uses a manga-style storybook that tells the story of a young space explorer on a mission to repair an unknown planet’s central computer in order for her to return home. Throughout the book, there are different challenges that get tougher as you continue through the story. You do not have to read the story to do the challenges.

The challenges each show you where to place the initial pieces and then it tells you how many of each piece you will need to use to solve the challenge. The objective of each challenge is to get the correct amount of balls and in the correct color sequence, to the bottom of the board. Ex. red, blue, red, blue, red, blue, red, blue. OR 4 reds, 4 blues, 1 red. One rule is that balls cannot free fall for any amount of space.

Turing Tumble Book Cover
The cover of the Turing Tumble book.

Because it’s sort of hard for me to explain in detail, I’ve included some pictures and videos of our 11 year old son using Turing Tumble, and I’m also including this quote from Timberdoodle’s web page:

“Just like an introductory digital logic course, kids learn about gates, switches, bits, binary counting, and so much more. Turing Tumble builds raw programming skills and teaches the fundamentals of how computers work. Moreover, it is super fun to watch, play and tinker with the outcomes. The scaffolded Turing Tumble puzzles require both creativity and the development of debugging techniques while fostering logic, critical thinking, and fundamental coding skills. The well-made Turing Tumble arrives in a sturdy box that has a molded compartment for storing each component.”

Here’s our personal experience with Turing Tumble:

When the package arrived, our 11 year old immediately knew that this was for him and not his younger brothers (although our 6 year old math-brain child also enjoys it). He was very excited to get started on the challenges. Assembly was fairly easy, but his fingers got a workout from pushing the little balls into the pieces.

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Box of Turing Tumble Parts
The box (after parts were assembled and it was played with a bit).

Initially, I’m not going to lie, he was doing great until he got stumped. He threw a small fit and I got really aggravated with him and told him that he needed to take a break from it.

It wasn’t long after that, that he was back at it without any prompting and he figured out the challenge that had given him trouble. From that moment on, I constantly found him sitting at our homeschool table working on different levels. He loves trying to teach me the new concepts that he learns and he always calls me over when he’s ready to push the start button to see if he has figured out a new challenge.

Here’s one of the latest challenges that he solved:

The objective is to get 4 blue balls to drop, then 1 red, and 4 more blue (without allowing any more red balls to be released from the top).

Turing Tumble Challenge


Although Turing Tumble is included in the 6th grade curriculum package, I believe that younger children would also really enjoy it. They may just need a little extra help. What a great way to spend some time together as a family. I also highly recommend this product for adults who love solving puzzles and for those who want to find ways to keep their minds fresh.

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Here are a couple of pictures of my husband working on the challenges with our 11 year old son:

Father and son solving Turing Tumble puzzle

Father and son thinking about how to solve a game challenge

There’s so much going on in our world right now. It’s a time of uncertainty for us parents, but I believe we need to do our best to keep our children busy and keep things as routine as possible. We are homeschoolers, but I have slacked up a little bit lately because my mind has been overtaken by the coronavirus outbreak. It’s not all because of the media, but also because I’ve been trying to spend more time in prayer and reading the Word, and reaching out to encourage those who are having a tougher time dealing with it all. Because of me being more preoccupied than normal, I can see that it’s having a negative impact on our boys. Starting tomorrow, I will be striving harder to get them back into a better flow of things so they will know better what to expect.

I say all of this because I really believe that this Turing Tumble game is a great resource for families right now. It will help keep your children busy, while working so many areas of their brain. It can help your family think and have fun together as a team.

***I received Turing Tumble at a discount to share my honest review. I am not required to share a positive review. All words on this page are my own opinion and are 100% honest.***

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Be blessed my friends! 

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  1. Karla Cook

    March 24, 2020 at 12:45 pm

    Looks like Turing Tumble was a great fit for your family! Thanks for sharing your experience!

  2. Suzanna

    March 24, 2020 at 2:12 pm

    This would be perfect for my son! I’m definitely going to keep it in mind when his birthday comes around.

  3. Kristen

    March 25, 2020 at 9:06 pm

    This is so very interesting. I love that it teaches logic and critical thinking. And it is quite interesting to watch.

  4. Laura Noelle

    March 29, 2020 at 12:59 pm

    Thanks for sharing! This game looks intimidating to me, but to my techy husband, it probably makes a lot of sense. I’m definitely looking for games like this to help our daughter develop those STEM skills I lack!

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