How to Remain Calm During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Several days ago I wrote this post about overcoming fear and anxiety. Since then, the circumstances involving the coronavirus have significantly intensified. There have been over a dozen confirmed cases in my county, and many more than that state wide. All of our schools are closed and we’re not even sure if they will reopen for this school year. All non-essential businesses have been mandated to close as of yesterday evening, which includes my husband’s job. Amusement parks including Disney World have shut down. People have hoarded items like bottled water and toilet paper, so now these things are in great demand and low supply. There are constant long lines to get into stores and to check out. It’s the craziest thing I’ve seen in my entire life.

Here’s a little reminder from the Bible on how God feels about this particular form of craziness:

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The government tells people to not panic, but everyone around us freaking out. How can we remain calm when we can’t turn on the television or look at social media without the words coronavirus or COVID-19 being shoved down our throats?

Many people that I know (including myself) are getting to the point where, although we weren’t panicking, other people’s panic is causing extra stress for us. I don’t want to be just another person yapping about how to handle the coronavirus because I honestly don’t have the answers. I can’t give you seven steps to relieve your anxiety. What I can do though, is share with you how I have this inner sense of peace; a feeling that everything will be okay, no matter what it seems like right now. You can have the same thing, no matter how much fear and anxiety have gripped you lately. You can break free!

As I sought the Lord tonight about the coronavirus, He gave me some things to share with my readers.

The first thing is that:

Everyday should be lived in light of eternity. 

If we place so much value on material things, then we are sucked right into the fear and panic that is happening all around us. We worry about the stock market, running out of toilet paper, and not being able to pay our bills.


If we can shift our focus off of all the chaos and return our gaze to the Lord, He will reveal His heart to us. Even though there is so much that is unknown at this time, there are deep revelations that the Lord wants to reveal to us, if we just take the time to focus on Him!

Man gazing up, virus, Bible verse, coronavirus

The enemy is definitely behind this virus.

The second thing God showed me is that it is Satan’s plan to cause MAJOR DISTRACTION to God’s people.

Satan is even turning Christians against each other. Before churches were ordered to stop holding services, Christians were arguing over whether or not we should attend church services. I’m going to tell you right now that if you think you have more faith than someone else because you’re going to continue going to church no matter what, then you have the issue of pride! Seek God and be obedient to what He puts on your heart to do and pray that others will also be led by the Spirit.

I believe that this is a time when Christians need to dig deep and seek the Lord with all their hearts.

As I sought the Lord because I just felt so overwhelmed, I was continuously getting distracted by my phone and the television. I kept hearing God say, “Turn it OFF! Shut out everything but ME. Focus on ME!” Friends, it’s not just me that He’s trying to talk to. He wants to speak to you too, but perhaps He’s been drowned out in your life too. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all of the “coronavirus” noise, then do something about it! Cut off the distractions and tune into Him! 

I believe that this is a wake up call to the world, especially Christians. How will you use this time? Will you cower in fear and panic and allow all of the news and chaos around you to cause you to distance yourself from God? Will you scroll aimlessly through your Facebook feed out of sheer boredom? Or will you turn the TV off and shut off your phone and take your concerns to the Lord? Will you press into Him like never before? I believe that if you do the latter, God will propel you into indescribable places of peace and contentment, no matter what’s going on around you.

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It’s time to fervently seek the Lord and ask Him what He wants you to learn from all of this? What would He have you do now?

This isn’t just about praying for others who are personally dealing with the coronavirus, although you should definitely be doing that! This is about a rare moment in your life where you have some major decisions to make. Do you trust God more than you trust the media and the fear? Succumb to the chaos or chose to walk in peace. 

If none of what I have said has helped you, then perhaps this quote from my morning devotional will hit you the same way that it did me. It took everything I’ve been trying to express and summed it all up for me. It said, “If we are bound by the emotional stronghold of worry, we have forgotten who our Father is.

Jesus on the cross

Wow! Yes! He is our heavenly Father who loves us. He is always with us and will never forsake us. He is our faithful provider, healer, our strength, our strong tower, might to save. He’s alpha and omega, beginning and the end. He’s our creator who loves us way more than our earthly parents could ever even fathom. We can go on and on about who our Father really is. Let us not forget this! And because He is all these things, He is worthy of our praise. He is worthy of being put FIRST in our lives! As you take your focus off of worldly things and get refocused on Him, I believe we will see an acceleration of healing in our lives, in our family’s lives, and in our nation.

Be blessed my friends!


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