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*I received The Marble Circuits game at a discount from Timberdoodle in exchange for my honest opinion. The views expressed are my own and I was not encouraged in any way to write a positive review.*


Timberdoodle is one of our favorite companies to use for homeschool curriculum and other fun activities. Whenever I’m trying to figure out age appropriate activities for our boys, I go to their website and look at their curriculum kits which are sorted by grade/age to see what all is included. Today I’m reviewing a game that is included in the 5th grade curriculum kit called Marble Circuit.

Marble Circuit Box

Although this is included in the 5th grade curriculum kit and is suggested for ages 8 and up, it turns out that my 1st grader enjoys it way more than our 5th grader. You have to keep in mind though, that our 1st grader is very advanced in math and logic skills, so games like this are super exciting to him!

So what is Marble Circuit?

Marble Circuit is a game of logic and puzzle solving. It comes with 64 puzzle challenges that get tougher to solve with each one. You have to place the tiles in the correct spots so that the number of marbles that collect in the five trays at the bottom match the challenge card.

How to Play

Set up is super easy! Just slide the gate into the channel at the top of the board. Then place one marble at the top of each track behind the gate.

Choose a challenge card and set up your board just like it shows you on that card. Each card shows you the number of marbles that need to end up in each of the 5 trays at the bottom of the board.


Challenge card for Marble Circuit

Predict the paths of the marbles and place the remaining tiles on the board.

Boy solving Marble Circuit Challenge

Slowly slide the gate to the right to release the marbles.

Boy solving Marble Circuit

If tiles are placed correctly, the number of marbles in the target spaces will match the numbers shown on the challenge card. If you didn’t get it right, you can just keep arranging the tiles (keeping the original tiles on the challenge card in their place), until you figure out the solution.

Here’s a video of our 6 year old son solving challenge 37!

If you get completely stuck and just can’t figure it out, you can flip the challenge card over to view the solution.

Challenge Card Solution for Marble CircuitMy personal experience with Marble Circuit:

Overall, this is a great game to spend some time in solitude while challenging your mind. Our 6 year old often gets this game out and plays it on his own. I love that it is easy to get out, play, and put away when you’re done. There’s no long set up and you can try one challenge or several.

This game has honestly become one that I have a love/hate relationship with! HA! It’s SO addicting, but I get easily frustrated when I can’t figure out how to solve a challenge. When one of us can’t figure it out, we take turns to see if someone else in the family can do it. We are up to challenge 37 and we’ve I’ve only peaked at the solution once.

I recommend Marble Circuit for all children who need more logic challenges, kids who love coding, math, or solving puzzles, and parents like myself who need more time to ourselves!

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Boy playing Marble Circuit game

I do have two small negatives about Marble Circuit, but it wouldn’t stop me from purchasing the game.

  1. I do wish that it came with extra balls. They are sort of small and I’m afraid that my boys will lose one.
  2. I wish that the tiles were easier to grab. Once all of the tiles are in place on the board, it can sometimes be difficult to remove them.

One of the many reasons that our family chooses Timberdoodle is that you earn Doodle Dollars with each purchase. These “dollars” can be used on future purchases. Timberdoodle is also ran by a Christian family who love Jesus, so we are very proud to support all the work that they do! If you would like to purchase Marble Circuit from Timberdoodle, there are clickable links throughout this post, or you can just CLICK HERE. 

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  1. Kristen

    April 1, 2020 at 11:44 pm

    This looks like such an excellent game to have on hand while one is working with another child. Perfect to keep kids amused but still using their brains to solve puzzles.

  2. Karla Cook

    April 2, 2020 at 10:19 am

    That does look fun! I think I need to add it to my wishlist!

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