Pre-K Curriculum For the Hands On Learner with a Low Attention Span

Do you have a child around the ages of 4-6? Are they a hands on learner with a low attention span? If so, I can relate! This is our little sweet pea. We refer to him as G4 because he’s our 4th son (all of our boy’s names start with the letter G). From the time G4 was born, we knew that he would be different from the other boys. He does things his own way and only in his timing. This is the child that I’ve had to pretend to call the police on because it’s the only way I could get him to allow me to buckle him into his car seat. Please say that I’m not the only mom who has had to resort to such low schemes! 

Preschooler with low attention span

He recently celebrated his fifth birthday, so technically he could begin kindergarten this year. However, he’s had zero interest in learning his letters and the sounds they make and other information that is vital for kindergarten work. He LOVES art and hands on activities, but his attention span is still sort of low. Because of all of this, we will be doing Pre-K work until he’s ready to move on to kindergarten. I love how homeschooling gives us that flexibility to go at our child’s individual pace! My goal for him this year is to keep it short and fun!

So, what curriculum have we chosen?

Since he is a hands on learner with a low attention span, we will be using

Timberdoode’s Elite Pre-K curriculum kit

In fact, we’ve already begun because our son just couldn’t wait to get started. I can already tell that this program is a win for both of us. He asks me almost daily if we can do school!

Pre-K curriculum

In this post I’m just going to share a few videos that reveal the products that are included in Timberdoodle’s Elite Pre-K curriculum kit so you can get a better idea of what all is included. I will be sharing one or two posts each month that highlight certain items in the kit. If you see something that you want to learn more about, please let me know in the comments and I will try to do a review for you. At the very least, I will answer your questions and give you my thoughts on any particular item that you are interested in. 

Here is our first video which highlights several contents of Timberdoodle’s Elite Pre-K curriculum kit:



This video runs through all of the books that are included:


Last but not least, this video shows you some of the exciting things that I had put aside to include as birthday gifts (yes, you can do that too):


Using some of the fun things as gifts helped me justify the costs a little more. Also, don’t forget that when you shop through Timberdoodle, you earn Doodle Dollars that can be used on future purchases!

We’ve been using Timberdoodle for many years! I’ve not once had a negative experience with them. Their products are extremely interesting, fun, and very high quality. They put a lot of thought behind what they include in their kits. I love how they have religious kits or secular ones. You can also just buy individual items if you’d like. Some of my favorite things that we’ve bought from Timberdoodle are exclusive to them. 

If you have a hands on learner with a low attention span like G4, then I highly recommend this kit!

Timberdoodle’s Curriculum can be followed in the ways that they suggest or it can be very easy to break it all apart and use however you feel fit. The core subjects are simple to follow and Timberdoodle does a great job at filling in any gaps that there may be by including a lovely handbook with their suggestions.

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I hope this post has inspired you! Please let me know in the comments if you have any questions. And stay tuned for our choices for 2nd and 7th grade curriculum this year. It’s a little more complicated! 

Disclosure:  As a Timberdoodle blogger, I will be refunded the purchase price of our curriculum kit in exchange for my honest reviews.  All opinions are my own.

Be blessed my friends!

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