January Our Family was expanding once again! I started the year at about four months pregnant and it was in January that we found out it was another boy. We all enjoyed some time outside in the snow!               […]

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Our Grinch Tradition

Each year the Grinch comes to our house after Santa does. He makes a mess of things and plays tricks on the boys. Here are some highlights of his trip this year: The snowflakes were already there (the Grinch isn’t that good). But he took […]

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I want my husband to know that he is full of worth to our family. His worth is not determined by the money (or lack thereof) in our bank account. His worth is not defined by the hours he spends away from us each day. […]

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14 Days of Homeschool

http://youtube.googleapis.com/v/rN4o3OxFzqA&source=uds Please follow and like: biblemommaI’m Amanda and a Christian homeschooling Mom to 4 awesome boys from ages 4 to 20. I have an amazing, supportive husband, a passion for encouraging others in their faith, and helping new homeschoolers find their way through their journey. […]

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Thanksgiving Day Crafts

My oldest son felt like he was too old to make a turkey out of his handprints, so instead he made a dog. He did use his hand though to outline the dog’s head. Here is what he said he is thankful for:  My family, […]

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Thanksgiving 2013

I love this picture that my oldest son took of me, him, and the baby. This was taken on Thanksgiving Day. We were all dressed up to go have dinner at Cracker Barrel. This has become our family tradition for Thanksgiving because our relatives don’t […]

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